Data Backup

HighCo can provide the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing that your vital data are protected from threats such as computer failures, crippling viruses and security breaches. We protect servers and workstations in the office as well as laptops away from the office.


Top-tier companies with high-value data use similar methods. What is new about our service is that it is affordable and simple enough to be within reach of individuals and small businesses.

Web Sites

Our website development program provides you an easy and econimocal entry into the www.

Whether a simple website is called for or a comprehensive web application with cloud-based database, we offer the right solution, including:

Site Samples

For a quick start, we have compiled a large collection of site templates for you to chose from or mix and match.

In addition, we work with award winning graphic designers and photographers that can create custom designs (including logo, branding and promotional material) for unique requirements and discerning tastes.

Please contact us for sample websites we have developed for our customers and references.

Electronic Mail

Our email service puts you in charge of your electronic communications needs.

Through a partnering arrangement with Google, we can bring you the power of the Gmail system that is customized to your needs. Some of the features are:


Computer support

In case something goes wrong, we are one phone call away. Realizing that you need working computer in order to take advantage of the Internet, we provide hardware and software support, including:

www - email

We try to take the pain out of computing and let you focus on your business!



Networking is about tying together multiple computers, allowing them access to shared services and resources.

We can help you with the following data network needs:

We design, furnish and implement networks that best meet customer needs while protecting your data assets.

Data Sharing

Our Magic Folders are the ultimate productivity tool that make you less location dependent.


Please contact us if our Magic folders are the right solution for you.

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